If savory breakfast pizza is more your speed, there are also eggs Benedict or sausage and gravy options.

The frozen pizza brand has given a morning spin to their existing Croissant Crust Pizza.

Americans love pizza, even for breakfast. In fact, a 2019 poll found that over half of those polled would rather have a cold slice of pizza than their usual breakfast options. Of course, you don't have to eat a cold leftover slice: Breakfast pizzas do exist. And yet, despite our love of a good pie, breakfast pizza has never seemed to catch on as a regular morning option.

But the frozen pizza specialists at DiGiorno are hoping to bring breakfast pizzas to the grocery shopping mainstream with a new line of morning pies. And even if your a.m. sweet tooth can't stomach the idea of eating a savory pizza for breakfast, DiGiorno still has you covered: One of their new pizzas is inspired by a cinnamon roll! (As opposed to a donut.)

DiGiorno Eggs Benedict Breakfast Pizza, DiGiorno Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Pizza, DiGiorno Sausage and Gravy Breakfast Pizza
Credit: Courtesy of DiGiorno

Rolling out to stores nationwide this month, DiGiorno's Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizzas are part of the brand's Croissant Crust Pizza line — which they launched last year — but with a breakfast spin. Whereas Croissant Crust Pizza previously only came with standard toppings like Four Cheese and Three Meat, the new Breakfast edition comes in three varieties: Eggs Benedict Inspired, Sausage & Gravy, and Cinnamon Roll (the latter of which DiGiorno says is their "first-ever sweet pizza").

If you're wondering how a cinnamon roll pizza is not just a giant cinnamon roll, well, if it's shaped like a pizza, cut like a pizza, and served like a pizza, apparently it's a pizza, even if the toppings sound very un-pizza-like. The package describes this breakfast pie as offering "cinnamon cream sauce, cream cheese crumbles, churro pieces, and cinnamon flakes on a croissant crust."

DiGiorno Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Pizza
Credit: Courtesy of DiGiorno

As for the other two breakfast pies, the Eggs Benedict Inspired pizza features "scrambled eggs, diced ham, cheddar and mozzarella cheese with hollandaise style sauce on a croissant crust," while the Sausage & Gravy variety has "sausage and gravy style sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheese on a croissant crust."

DiGiorno adds that these pizzas are made with "high-quality ingredients like 100 percent real cheese, cage-free eggs, premium pork sausage and real cinnamon." And just in case you were wondering, the brand says they are "the only croissant-style breakfast pizza available nationally in the frozen aisle."

But do they beat a cold slice of regular pizza? I feel like the best way to find out would be a head-to-head morning taste test. I wonder what percentage of Americans would agree with that?