Truckload of Biscuits Spills and Blocks Road in England

Mind the crumbs.

Assorted cookies
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Drivers in Derbyshire, England, didn't have to make an extra stop if they needed a mid-commute snack on Monday afternoon. According to the Erewash District police department, a truck filled with McVitie's brand cookies — or digestive biscuits — lost most of its cargo in the middle of the road.

"Please bare [sic] with us this evening whilst we try and 'digest' this issue," the cops tweeted after they arrived on the scene. "A lorry load of McVitie's finest have decided to abandon ship causing a slight obstruction!" In a follow-up tweet, they reported that recovery vehicles had arrived on the scene and would "have it sorted in no time."

Traffic was slowed down in both directions as the officials tried to collect all of the cookies — which were the Ginger Nut and Bourbon Cream varieties — from the road, but no injuries were reported. And Twitter users enjoyed making a billion cookie-related jokes, which ranged from "Guess that's how the cookie crumbles" to "I'm on my way with a bucket-load of tea."

"It took officers a moment to digest the scene in front of them, however they didn't crumble and ensured that traffic was able to continue moving nicely," a spokesperson for the Derbyshire constabulary told The Guardian. "While recovery had to approach the scene gingerly, after a bit of hobnobbing to ensure all the right forms were filled out they had the wagon wheels rolling." (If you shop the British foods aisle at your local supermarket, then you were delighted by this entire statement.)

America may not be able to claim cookie spill-superiority, but we're close: in 2018, a truck carrying cookie dough left a sticky spill all over U.S. Route 17 near Wilmington. ABC 11 helpfully noted that the temperature at the time was just over 80 degrees, so it wasn't quite hot enough for the dough to actually cook on the asphalt. And in November 2020, a truck filled with hundreds of boxes of cookie dough overturned in southwest California, dropping 50,000 pounds of dough onto the 15 freeway.

Now where's a milk spill when you need one?

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