Credit: © Johnny Louis / Getty Images

The first Republican presidential debate airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox News. (Where else?) For diehard Jeb Bush supporters with a little extra cash to throw around and a reasonable amount of foresight, the big event is a great opportunity to try out their brand-new, Jeb Bush–approved Guaca Bowle.

The “Guaca Bowle,” as this guacamole bowl is anointed, is possibly the strangest item available for purchase on the Jeb! 2016 website. In the product description, it’s explained that “Jeb and Columba love whipping up guacamole on Sunday Funday.” If I know anything about Sunday Funday, I’m guessing someone is sucking down some margaritas along the way?

Granted, Jeb met his wife, who is Mexican, in Mexico. Still, a guacamole bowl seems a little out of place in an online shop whose only other food-related items include a coffee mug, a water bottle and a barbecue apron. Though in a 2016 campaign that’s spent a lot of time focused on Trump’s anti-immigration rants, I guess reminding voters that you’re down with Mexican cuisine can’t hurt.

What does hurt a bit is the price: $75. Sure, when you buy something from a presidential candidate’s store, it’s basically a political donation that comes with a free guacamole bowl, but $75 seems pretty steep for an item that admittedly doesn’t even come with “Jeb’s secret guacamole recipe.”

I’ve heard the secret is that Jeb lets his brother make really crappy guacamole first, which makes his guacamole seem like it couldn’t be that bad.

[h/t Eater]