An Australian advertisement includes designs for an upgraded model.

By Clara Olshansky
August 17, 2017
Tim McRae / Getty Images

You don't usually think of McDonald's as being a major player in the tech world. After all, the biggest tech innovation they've had this year is the "Frork" French fry fork. But sometimes they surprise us (like in June, when they started accepting job applications via Snapchat). In fact, McDonald's Australia just used a photo of what appears to be an iPhone 8 in a promotional email for it MyMacca's mobile ordering app. (Australian's call McDonald's Macca's. It's a thing. It's even the name of the official McDonald's Australia Twitter.)

We don't know much about what went into the making of the email, but we do know that Benjamin Geskin, a 20-year-old Latvian known for leaking information about Apple products and circulating renders of what they'll look like before the information is officially released, is saying that McDonald's took his render for the ad. Geskin also says that he checks the legitimacy of all information he receives before releasing a render, so the MyMacca's ad may actually contain some pretty reliable information.

Tech news site the Inquirer has examined the ad for what it might tell us about the new phone. They say the image features the iPhone 8's "edge-to-edge display, complete with the much-leaked 'notch' at the top of the screen which will reportedly house iPhone 8's earpiece, front-facing camera and sensors." News and rumors site MacRumors, on the other hand, points out that there are issues with the image. Most glaringly: McDonald's used circles for the signal strength indicator, even though iOS 11, coming this Fall, has switched from circles back to bars.

Still, accurate or not it's a clever way to get people talking about the app. Although, when it comes to creative advertising schemes, McDonald's still has a little ways to go before it can beat KFC's recent promotional stunts.