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Who says baby shower gifts have to be boring?

Clara Olshansky
Updated July 17, 2017

Want to stand out among all the burp cloths and bouncy seats your pregnant friend is going to receive at their baby shower? Now you can give a practical gift and still stand out with this adorable diaper sushi set. No, it's not little pieces of diaper rolled into seaweed and rice. It's a variety of baby-related products, including, of course, diapers, wrapped into cute sushi shapes and packaged in a large recreation of a wooden sushi box.

All the varieties of sushi in the set use a diaper as the rice and other baby-related products as the toppings. According to RocketNews24, an ice pack folds to look like salmon eggs, a face cloth disguises itself as tuna, the sea urchin sushi is actually a microfiber duster, and baby socks (not to be confused with sushi shoes) appear throughout the different rolls.

You can check out the English website of this Diaper Sushi, or Omutsu-Zushi, at If you read Japanese, you can check out the original site here. Look through the images to see what the various items look like when they're not folded and rolled into sushi. You can see mops, sponges, scrub brushes, adorable bibs, and more, in all their un-sushi-ed glory. You can also order the diaper sushi online, although, fair warning, the shipping prices are kind of exorbitant if you're stateside. The Diaper Sushi set itself is $111, plus $61 to get it shipped to the United States. (Still, it's more economical than spending $100 for a single roll of sushi, which is a thing that some people do.)

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