Credit: © Orange Chef

The era of the smart kitchen has finally taken over—Wi-Fi coffee makers, food printers, a pan that practically does the cooking for you—and engineers keep coming up with ways to make it smarter. With a new device called the Countertop, they may have finally made it too smart. Countertop looks like a nice kitchen scale, and it will measure the weights of your ingredients, but it is also part diet tracker, part fitness tracker, part recipe box and part food overlord. As a diet tracker, it takes much of the manual guesswork out of the process. Countertop’s creators programmed it with nutritional information of different ingredients, and it can keep track of what ingredients you are using. So as you prep a recipe, it knows the dietary information of what you’re about to eat. Then, via an app on your phone (or Apple Watch, for all you early adopters), it monitors your meals—measuring calories, fat intake, fiber intake—and suggests recipes to make sure you’re eating the right amount. It also connects to some kitchen appliances. Place a blender on the Countertop, and it will immediately give you smoothie suggestions and let you know when you have added the right amount of strawberries or kale. Right now, the team behind Countertop has partnered with Vitamix and Crock-Pot but is actively looking to connect with more appliances in the near future.

In addition to connecting to the appliances in your kitchen, the Countertop can also share information with your fitness tracker, so it will actually know when you finish a workout and what you should eat to recover. That also means it will know if you haven’t been working out and need to lay off the cookies.

Finally, as you continue to use it, it will learn your likes, dislikes and allergies. Not into bananas? It will figure that out and find other sources of potassium for you to eat.

Yes, this all seems a little like an early experiment from Skynet, but if John Connor had constant feedback on how to live a healthier lifestyle, maybe he could have stopped the terminators from taking over in the first place.

Countertop is available for preorder for $99 and will ship this fall.