Dan Gottlieb's new Sproga class might just be one of the coolest things, ever.
sproga espresso shot and yoga
Credit: Courtesy of Detroit Foundation Hotel

Dan Gottlieb, a yoga instructor and entrepreneur known around his hometown of Detroit as "Yoga Dan," never really liked coffee. Scratch that—he pretty much hated the stuff.

"I loathed it, actually. I thought coffee was the worst thing you could put in your body," Gottlieb confesses. As someone trying to live clean, he'd come to believe that caffeine was the first step down the slippery slope to the dark side.

And then, as happens, he met a girl. Who happened to be Italian. An Italian who really liked coffee, as most Italians do, and not just any coffee, but the really good stuff. They're married now; his feelings on the devil's nectar have changed. Gottlieb can't get enough of it—not only the coffee, but the way we are drinking coffee now, too.

"I became fascinated the same way I did originally with yoga—I wanted to know everything about it, why are they taking such care when measuring it, what's all this equipment. A fine barista is a real artist, a talent, like a sommelier—there was such a genuine passion that I saw."

We've got yoga and wine, yoga and beer, yoga and chocolate, now—why not, Gottlieb thought, espresso and yoga? And so Sproga (already trademarked, so don't even) was born.

Right now, Sproga is slowly being rolled out as an amenity for both guests and locals at the stunning new Detroit Foundation Hotel, inside the transformed Detroit Fire Department headquarters, at the heart of the Motor City's once-again thriving downtown.

Classes, held in the hotel's upper floor event area, begin with a shot of espresso from Detroit's own Anthology Coffee, the hotel's brew of choice, leading to an all-levels class that's followed by a session on innovative, vibrating HyperIce foam rollers, for a restorative and invigorating end to the session. For now, classes are held periodically at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, but there are plans to expand the offerings by the end of the year.

For more information, visit the Detroit Foundation Hotel's web site.