By Aly Walansky
Updated July 01, 2016
Credit: © Delighted By Hummus

You may already find hummus to be one of the (metaphorically) sweetest snacks on earth, but no one considers it actual dessert? But now they can.

Debuting at New York’s Fancy Food Show, Delighted By has launched a sweet twist on the internationally popular chickpea spread. Flavors include Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Brownie Batter, Orange Ginger and Snickerdoodle, and it’s unlike any hummus you have ever seen before.

Hummus, for those who haven’t made it themselves before, is made of chickpeas mixed with tahini (sesame paste), and this dessert hummus has those basic building blocks as well, but from there it expands to a whole new place, sweetened with sugar and adding creaminess with coconut milk. Depending on the flavor, you’ll also find additions like cocoa butter, brownies, ginger, or orange zest.

Definitely not what we may expect to find in our falafel, but still intriguing.

The brand’s website offers a list of places where the dessert hummus is available but we can’t even imagine what shall happen next.

Shakshuka cocktails, anyone?