Kitchen Designer Florence Perchuk adores new technology almost as much as old-fashioned comfort. Here, she names 10 things that epitomize her style.

La Cornue Flamberge built-in rotisserie A big step up from all the countertop rotisseries on the market. The heat (up to 40,000 BTUs, more than twice that of a regular oven) seals in juices for a succulent bird ($7,000; 800-892-4040). "We'll be seeing more pro equipment, like pizza ovens, adapted for home use," Perchuk says.

Gaggenau combination steam oven "The best way to bake bread. Steam makes the crust crisp yet tender and the inside moist" ($3,350; 800-701-6691).

Au Grenier Dore backsplash tiles feature images of French wine labels on weathered limestone ($15 to $100 per tile; 860-526-3973). Walker Zanger fusion decorative tiles are made by fusing a jewel-toned glaze between squares of glass (from $21 per square foot; 800-540-0235). Walker Zanger venezia floor tiles are produced using a process called aquafortis ("strong water") that etches patterns onto stone (from $20 per tile).

Amtico luxury vinyl wood-patterned flooring "I like cooking barefoot, so I understand the need for something soft on the floor. I prefer the bleached-wood pattern" (from $8 per square foot; 212-545-1127).

Sub-zero wine storage refrigerator has racks on the top half and refrigerated drawers on the bottom. "It lets you separate entertaining needs from cooking and family needs" ($5,000; 800-222-7820).

Miele built-in coffee system You can program it to brew coffee or espresso to your preferred temperature and strength. Especially good for the counter-space deprived ($1,800 to $1,900; 800-463-0260).

Galaxy Glass & Stone artisanal etched glass walls and partitions The company can create any design depending on the client's wishes. "I love when the patterns echo the mood of a room--for a Victorian-style kitchen I might pick an etching of ornate curlicues entwined with flowers" (800-378-9042).

The Great Kitchen at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England "It's mind-boggling. Built in 1816 in an atrium with 40-foot ceilings, it has cast-iron palm trees, an open hearth and refectory tables. I reproduced the entire thing in miniature for a Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club show in New York."

--Monica F. Forrestall