By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 22, 2015
Credit: © EYESITE / Alamy

Though marijuana has been legal in Colorado for over two years now (time flies when you’re high as a kite), for many people, finding a place to legally smoke it is as difficult as ever. “Imagine a city with hundreds of liquor stores but no bars to get a drink,” says NPR. “That's sort of the situation with marijuana in Denver.”

It’s a pretty apt analogy: Residents are allowed to get high in their own homes, but for tourists, toking up is heavily restricted. They can’t smoke in stores, streets, parks and even most hotels. Oh, and unlike buying a souvenir bottle of booze, they can’t take their purchase out of state either.

For bud advocates, the answer seems obvious: Let people consume pot the same way they do alcohol—in bars and restaurants. Mason Tvert, who’s been a key figure throughout Colorado’s marijuana movement, spent the summer trying to get an initiative for such a law on the November ballot in Denver. Perhaps feeling the pressure, the city has finally decided they’re willing to play ball, reaching out to Tvert’s group to try to negotiate a compromise. “It's been too many years that it's been the people trying to pass these laws and the city resisting it,” Tvert told NPR. “We were very excited to be able to work with the city together to create a policy that everyone agrees is the best step forward.”

Though it still may be months before something is finalized, City Councilman Albus Brooks, who’s been facilitating the discussion, said he believes they’ll be able to figure out a “pot club ordinance”—finally allowing bars and restaurants to allow people to smoke marijuana—at some point.

That said, Brooks was still mum on any details. Don’t break out your dinner bong quite yet.