By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 22, 2016
A Denver diner tips an immigrant waiter 400 percent on the day after the election.
Credit: NoDerog

Donald Trump built his presidential victory by fanning the flames on a number of contentious issues, but his stance on immigration was clearly one of the cornerstones of his campaign and galvanized many supporters. As a result, plenty of immigrants suddenly have a reason to be apprehensive of what may await them in 2017 and beyond. But though Trump’s success speaks for the attitude of some Americans, others in this country are finding ways to let their personal opposition be heard.

Palestinian immigrant and current Denver resident Osamah Ajour has gone viral for being the beneficiary of such an individual statement. According to The Denver Post, Ajour served an unidentified woman at Denver’s Damascus Restaurant on the Wednesday after the election when emotions were understandably running high. Though the 24-year-old waiter says he only spoke with the woman “for about two minutes,” she was reportedly inspired to leave a $100 tip on her $23.61 bill as well as a handwritten message “You belong here & I’m glad you are here.” The resulting receipt started garnering attention after one of Ajour’s friends posted the gesture on Facebook.

Ajour said their conversation started when the customer asked about his feelings on the previous night’s results. “I answered that I was hanging in there,” Ajour was quoted as saying. “I said this country is way better than what happened Tuesday. She was just very nice, she was interested in how I was feeling.” He also said the woman’s act “made me very happy.”

The non-partisan takeaway from this story: If you do feel so inspired to write something on a restaurant receipt, you’re always better off making it something nice instead of something nasty.