You can try their cheese-centric plates and escape room-inspired cocktails seven days a week.

denver escape room offers food and beverages now
Credit: Courtesy of Solutions Lounge and Restaurant / Brennah Rosenthal

Denver's latest escape room is also the city's first and only one offering its guests an edible experience to complement (or complicate) their game.

Solutions Lounge & Restaurant has franchised with Escapology, the company behind more than 30 escape rooms across the country, for a series of steam-punk infused, live-action adventure and puzzle sequences featuring their very own menu. The 6,1000 square foot gaming space incorporates five themed rooms, including Shanghaied, which centers on a tale of trickery aboard a Chinese ship and Antidote—a laboratory-inspired experience focusing on the work of a rogue chemical weapons specialist.

Each challenge has a different degree of difficulty, and all require at least two but no more than six players to complete. Variety in gameplay is nice, but Solutions decided to take things one step further with their 3,500 square foot dining area and bar. Dressed in a Neo-Victorian (think Victorian and Edwardian meets industrialized technology) aesthetic, its gears, leathers, clocks and cogs help drum up the lounge's signature atmosphere as you enjoy food and sip on cocktails inspired by each of the five available rooms.

Solutions elected to go with a cheese-centric menu. It includes items like a cheese board, cheesy broccoli gratin, cheese curds, pimento cheese deviled eggs, mac 'n' cheese, a duck quesadilla, and a Fromage a Raclette—the Swiss dish that involves melting the semi-hard cow's milk cheese over a vegetable plate and other snacks, but at Solutions it's done using a steampunk-inspired device. You can eat any of these cheesy plates—which are both locally sourced and imported—in the lounge, dining room, bar, or patio.

Participants can pair their cheesy cuisine with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including a selection of beer and wine, or one of the cocktails named and fashioned after the rooms. That includes the Cuban Crisis, which according to The Denver Post, is a sweeter mojito, as well as the Arizona Shootout, a rye and sarsaparilla-filled sip.

If you want to keep your wits about you for the game, you can request any of these cocktails in their non-alcoholic forms or simply dine after you play. But be warned: if you decide to eat before you embark on your hour of incrementally intense gameplay, you won't just have a food and drink buzz to conquer. Your dining experience could become part of your gameplay as customers may be offered a free bonus "hint" at the table. If successfully unlocked, the hint will earn you and your group an extra helpful clue when you go to solve your escape room's puzzle.

You can attempt any of the rooms, which officially opened on October 6, seven days a week. The restaurant is also open all week, serving lunch, happy hour, and dinner. While only five of the rooms are currently available (two are still under construction), Denverites and tourists interested in trying their hand and stomachs can learn more and book a game on their website.