But these "Chocolats du Diner" truffles are only available through Twitter.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 14, 2019
Courtesy of Denny's

On February 14, many people spend Valentine’s Day pretending to be something they’re not: super romantic. This year, Denny’s took that idea to heart. For one day only, the chain better known for prosaically-named menu items like Grand Slams and Moons Over My Hammy is taking its straightforward diner fare and transforming it into something a bit more extravagant: truffles.

Denny’s new Chocolats du Diner truffle collection attempts to take the taste of the chain’s pancakes and syrup and tuck them into bite-size, chocolate-shelled morsels. "Start indulging your palate with the Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle, a tantalizing spin on a Denny’s classic, and something to behold," the brand describes on its website. "Fried pancake batter coated in velvety white chocolate stirs the senses for a flavor that can only be described as heavenly. And pancakes need the perfect companion, so we added the perfect combination of sweet and sticky with a Creamy Milk Chocolate & Syrup Truffle. Intensely rich and decadently smooth, one bite will take your taste buds to the farthest flavors of paradise."

Courtesy of Denny's

Though the descriptions are intentionally over-the-top, the idea of a chocolate-dipped pancake bite does sound pretty enjoyable. So how do you score a bow-wrapped, four-pack of these "Diner Chocolates?" "Unfortunately, this collection can’t be bought with money, only with love," Denny’s continues. "Express your love for Denny’s this Valendine’s Day [sic] on Twitter with the hashtag #BeMyValendine and you might just become our sweetheart."

Yes, the chocolate boxes apparently aren’t available at any Denny’s locations: The only way to get one is to be lucky enough to be noticed on Twitter, in which case the diner brand will reach out to have one sent to you the old-fashioned way — by mail. (For the record, it appears you don’t have to specifically tweet at Denny’s, you just need to use the #BeMyValendine hashtag to be considered.)

Unfortunately, Denny’s wasn’t willing to say exactly how many of these truffle boxes they will be sending out — only that "there’s a limited amount" — so the chances of scoring one aren’t entirely clear. It just goes to show you that even though the best things in life are free, it’s a lot easier to get something if you can just pay for it.