It sure beats peanuts. 

By Joey Skladany
Updated May 24, 2017
delta airlines orders pizza for customers
Credit: © Jeff Sarpa / Getty Images

Major airlines, take note. As we've learned since elementary school, free pizza is the answer to most of life's difficulties. It is also the best way to win over even the most apathetic, stressed or defeated of humans.

After severe weather in the Southeast grounded and canceled nearly 300 flights yesterday, Delta responded by ordering over 700 pies for frustrated and travel-weary passengers.

"We empower our agents and airport station leaders to find ways to take care of our customers when irregular operations disrupt travel," Delta spokesperson Michael Thomas told ABC News.

In addition to free food, games and coloring books were also distributed to entertain young children.

In what seems like a rare move considering the constant irritation with the airline industry, travelers immediately took to social media to praise the Atlanta-based company for their kind gesture.

This passenger was stranded in Nashville for over two hours, but was relieved to find a flight attendant handing out free slices.

Some passengers may not have been trapped on planes, but Baton Rouge-based gate agents went out of their way to serve pizza to those with major delays.

The good deed extended all the way up to Columbus, which implies that it isn't just a result of Southern charm.

This is not the first time Delta has gone above and beyond for their customers after Mother Nature has made air travel difficult. Aside from frequent pizza parties, WSB-TV reports that the company has also given away doughnuts, subs and complimentary liquor.

We're not entirely sure what warrants the last one, but we're wondering if we should now plan most of our travel around hurricane season or forecasted blizzards. If you don't mind a little setback in time, you may get the most bang for your buck (or at least a full and happy stomach upon arrival).