rose delivery service
Credit: © MarkSwallow / Getty Images

This summer, you won't even have to leave your house to restock on rosé. If you're a rosé drinker, Summer Water Societé could keep you wine until it's time to stop wearing white. It's a subscription service that will deliver six bottles' worth of rosé to you every month for May, June, and July. And, while it's a shame that you can't have rosé arrive at your doorstep all year round, May through July is probably when you're going to be drinking the most rosé anyway.

Unfortunately, being continually supplied with rosé without lifting a finger isn't cheap. Summer Water Societé membership costs $350. The membership delivers three magnum bottles, which is the same amount of rosé as six regular bottles, for each of the three months, which amounts to a little less than $20 per bottle

The subscription service is a collaboration between the Winc Wine Club and Yes Way Rosé, a company that started as an Instagram account and has since become a retailer of amazing rosé-themed apparel and accessories. If a beanie that just says ROSÉ in large letters sounds like exactly the kind of thing you'd wear, then Yes Way Rosé is about to be your best friend and your wallet's worst nightmare. In fact, each month comes with some seasonally appropriate Summer Water swag, curated by the founders of Yes Way Rosé. You'll get a baseball cap in May, a S'Well bottle in June, and a beach towel in July.

So, if you want to make sure you never run out of rosé this summer, you can subscribe to Summer Water Societé through Winc's site. If you want to try the rosé but aren't willing to commit to $350 of it, you can also check out Summer Water's retail locations here.