Delivery People Share the 13 Most Annoying Things Customers Do

"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a lady delivery person before!"

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Delivering food can be one of the most draining jobs. Not only must you bike or drive through rain, sleet or snow to get people their food hot, but you have to deal with customers who are, well, less than appreciative of the multi-human effort put into their curly fries.

We spoke with current and former delivery people about the most frustrating things they put up with when giving people their food.

1. "If your place is very difficult to get to—say, you live at the top of the Hollywood Hills, which requires driving through windy uphill roads on the side of a mountain in a fairly old car—don't just give the same tip you would normally, especially on small orders."

2. "Don't complain to me if something is missing. The restrauant packed the bag, not me. (Asking nicely is fine, just don't blame the literal messenger.)"

3. "If you have a weird buzzer, please explain how it works, or just tell me to call when you order. It takes twice as long to struggle with the buzzer and then finally give up and call as it does to just know what to do in the first place, which might seem small, but it adds up over a day or night to fewer deliveries and less money."

4. "The most annoying thing is when people treat you like a peasant."

5. "I hate when people act like hell hath frozen over because there is such a thing as a female delivery person. Like, 'Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a lady delivery person before!' or, 'My delivery drivers are never this pretty!' That one's always fun."

6. "People get really annoyed about liquids spilling in the bag a little, even when they live in remote spots on top of hills."

7. "When people ordered right before the end of the night, like one minute before. My shift was 7 to 11 p.m., so sometimes people would order at 10:59 p.m. and it would be an extra 20 minutes of work."

8. "People take forever to answer their doors."

9. "There was a time when someone was clearly having sex and came to the door looking disheveled. I didn't love that."

10. "It really is strange how many different smells people have in their apartments. Like odd popcorn, sour popcorn ..."

11. "People would never look me in the eye. They'd also ask if I took credit card; that was always annoying. Of course I didn't take credit card! I just showed up with your stuff that you said you would pay at delivery. Where would I swipe my credit card? My butt?"

12. "Customers are always upset when you don't read their minds. They'll say something like, 'Oh, I was hoping you would add more banana.' Well, you had plenty time to tell me that when you called."

13. "The worst was when people weren't there to get there deliveries, and you had to sit and wait for them to come back."

All answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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