You thought your Seamless order took forever?

China Food Delivery
Credit: © Clayton Hansen / Getty Images

What's a delivery person supposed to do if the college he's bringing food to bans restaurant vehicles and builds a wall to keep students on-campus all week? In parts of China, the answer is: Scale the wall and drop dinner down to its rightful owner using a rope.

How do we know this? Social media, of course. Witnesses at Jingzhou Entrepreneurial Technical College and the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine have shared tragi-comic photos of men straddling 10-foot walls and looking down upon a flock of hungry students hoping their order is among the delivered.

According to Munchies, vendors have been bringing their own ladders so that they can climb high enough to see over the top and lower the goods down to customers. Some determined delivery people even manage to find spots on campus to hand off the meal to its rightful owner through dorm windows. Campus officials, for reasons unexplained, do not attempt to thwart the activity.

Why are colleges making it so darn tough to order in? The official party line, according to Shanghaiist, is that the bans have been enacted to protect students from crazy scooter-driving deliverymen, unhealthy food, and possible stampedes (no idea how they justify that last one). A more likely rationale is that the local dorm canteen stands to lose a lot of money if customers seek tastier fare off-campus.