Between international travel and a rigorous triathlon-training schedule, winemaker Andrew Murray recharges with splendid, healthy dinners.

One year ago, 35-year-old winemaker Andrew Murray hadn't heard of a triathlon. He hated swimming, didn't own a bike and was too busy overseeing his family's wine business to go for a run after work. But a few things have happened to turn Murray on to the sport: His parents sold their 200-acre ranch and vineyards in Los Olivos, California; his father and uncle had coronary bypasses; and a friend convinced him to take a spinning class to get in shape for ski season. Today, Murray is a triathlete and an international winemaker, creating excellent Rhône-style wines under his own label and working on side projects in America and in France, where he consults on Le Chêne Bleu, a new label from the Rhône. He is also a more health-conscious cook: "I've always been skinny, so I never worried about what I ate," he says. "Offer me steak and salad, and I'd skip the salad." Now, to balance training with work and family, Murray bikes to check on vineyards and swims with his kids. And to refuel between grueling workouts, he prepares lean, heart-healthy dishes like grilled tuna with snow peas and spicy pork stew. "My overall awareness has changed," he says. "I feel better than I've ever felt."