If your dog likes hash browns, these are the treats for them!

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 26, 2019
Credit: Del Taco

Today is National Dog Day — which means different things to different people. If you're not a dog lover, you probably don't even care. It's just as relevant as finding out that, in the U.K., today is their Summer Bank Holiday. (Aren't the Brits great at naming holidays?!) But if you are a dog person, you might feel compelled to do something special for the pup in your life, like, I don't know… get them dog treats inspired by a Mexican fast food chain's latest breakfast wrap?

Today only, Del Taco is adding something very different to their lineup: "Del Barko" dog treats. The all-natural treats, which are courtesy of Orange County's Naked Dog Bistro, come in three flavors: bacon, cheese, and — the most unconventional of the group — hash browns. What dog doesn't like hash browns? I'm asking seriously. Do dogs like hash browns??

Credit: Del Taco

Starting at 11 a.m. ET this morning, Del Taco will first be giving away 100 bags of these treats for free via its Instagram page, after which, starting at noon, a limited quantity will be for sale on their webstore. The free bags will be doled out via Instagram's "Swipe Up" feature. Meanwhile, the webstore bags will be just $2 each, shipping included, over at DelTacoWebstore.com. (While you're there, you can also score a hoodie for just $24.99, which is a downright bargain compared to the $45 that Taco Bell wants for their back-to-school hoodies!)

Granted, none of these treats scream tacos, or even Mexican food for that matter (where's the chorizo treat?), but they're tied to a new Del Taco menu item anyway: the Breakfast Toasted Wrap. And though today is meant to be for the dogs, Del Taco wants to give humans a treat too. The chain says that everyone who enters the code "dogday" in the Del Taco app today will be able to score a free Breakfast Toasted Wrap with any purchase, valid for the next seven days. Admit it: You like hash browns. Don't you? Don't you?? Who's a good boy??