A cookie dynasty
| Credit: Courtesy Breakaway Bakery

We are closing in on the end of Girl Scout Cookie season, which generally runs between January and April. By now, you have probably eaten entire boxes of Thin Mints in a single sitting, washed them down with some Samoas, cleansed your palate with a couple of Tagalongs and maybe, just maybe, had a Do-Si-Do. But what about all those cookies on the order sheet with a big 0 in the “quantity desired” box? Well have some respect people, because they’re cookies too. With a last call in mind, here is your definitive (a.k.a. totally arbitrary) ranking of the also-rans of the cookie world.

8. Trefoils

The plain Jane of scouting cookies. Nothing but dry short bread. Just thinking about them is making us fall asleep.

7. Savannah Smiles

We like a good lemon cookie, but these are mostly just a crumbly, powdery mess.

6. Thanks-A-Lot

Yes, there’s a cookie called a Thanks-A-Lot. It’s the Trefoil’s sexy cousin. They dressed it up with some chocolate on the bottom. A minor improvement that leaves us wanting more.

5. Thank U Berry Munch

These mark the point in the rankings where, if there is an open box in your office kitchen you should actually start eating them. The little cranberry bits are slightly underwhelming, but they go well with the white chocolate.

4. Cranberry Citrus Crisp

They’re new, so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt over those other cranberry cookies.

3. Lemonades

These guys get creativity points for the lemon icing. It’s hard to find a good lemon frosted-cookie that isn’t sold by a 9-year-old in a green sash.

2. Chocolate Chip Shortbread

If you only eat one shortbread Girl Scout cookie it should be the one that is actually just a chocolate chip cookie.

1. Dulce de Leche

Look, Thin Mints are the Superman of fundraising sweets. There is no cookie on Earth more powerful than they are. But frankly, Samoas are confused—coconut, caramel, chocolate? Make up your mind. Tagalongs are too heavy. If you work only one other box into your snacking rotation this season it should be these tiny caramel-chipped treats. They are the future.