The Definitive Proof That Gilmore Girls Is Really, Secretly a Food Show

All the food mentions and cameos in the Netflix reboot.

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Over the long weekend, Netflix rolled out the highly-anticipated 10th anniversary reboot-catchup mini-series to the 2000-2007 television phenomenon Gilmore Girls, which chronicles the lives and times of mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore—proprietor of the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and a Yale-educated writer, respectively. Throughout the original series, both Lorelai and Rory were obsessed with food—especially small-format packaged and convenience foods like frozen pizzas, Pop Tarts, and Mallomars—and Luke, Lorelai's love interest, runs a diner in town, so there were always plenty of all-American classics, like burgers and mac and cheese, present on screen.

The latest incarnation of the show is no different—except this time, in addition to snack food staples (yes, Pop Tarts everywhere), the Gilmore Girls have upped the food ante, and there's plenty of name-dropping and famous chef cameos to look out for. Here, presented without (too many) spoilers, are all the food cameos and mentions in the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Episode 1: Winter

  • Coffee and tacos on the gazebo with Lorelai and Rory
  • Cabbages in the grocery store with grumpy customers
  • Macaroni and cheese Parmesan cutlets made by Luke at home
  • Mini powdered donuts before dinner (these enrage Luke)
  • Takeaway breakfast from Luke's Diner with fake wifi password subplot
  • Fudge-y banana milkshake for Kirk to celebrate his first "Ooober" customer
  • Lorelai throws two bagels at Kirk's head
  • Roy Choi cooks abalone green pea congee at the Dragonfly Inn before Lorelai kicks him out of her kitchen
  • Name drops: Anthony Bourdain ("Bourdain parked in Sookie's spot," Lorelai says.), April Bloomfield ("Too much pork."), Alice Waters ("A little flighty."), David Chang ("Al's does the same thing."), Dan Barber ("[Sookie] is helping him develop food growing techniques and cultivating the evolution of fruits and vegetables which helps the people who eat them.").
  • Indeterinate crunchy-smooshy meat and cheese supper at Grandma's
  • A pinch of rainbow sprinkles from the top of a donut at Luke's Diner
  • Fluke carpaccio and a burger split between Rory and Naomi Shropshire in London
  • Salad with no croutons and definitely no Diet Cokes for Paris' surrogates at Luke's Diner

Episode 2: Spring

  • Bibimbap, paella, poutine, and a pig on a spit at the Stars Hollow International Food Fair
  • Lorelai eats Cassie's picnic (looks like sandwiches) at the International Food Fair auction
  • Rory eats a lunch salad with Logan in London (they split a $300 bottle of wine)
  • Lorelai eats profiteroles out of a paper bag at the town hall
  • Chicken scallopini for Luke, linguini with meatballs for Lorelai, and a hangar steak for Paul Anka the dog at home for dinner
  • Lorelai proposes that her psychoanalyst install a salad bar in her office
  • Rory and Logan have dinner at The Ivy in London for their traditional farewell meal
  • Everyone in town brings their own food to see Eraserhead at the Black White & Read theater: Chinese take out, a birthday cake, link sausages on a grill, and fries
  • Rachael Ray makes soup and sammies at the Dragonfly Inn before Lorelai fires her
  • Rory takes Paris' two kids for hot dogs, chips, and Pepsi in New York
  • Rory and Lorelai eat (and share!) crodocakes in line at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York

Episode 3: Summer

  • The family eat macaroni and cheese and salads made by Luke at home
  • Lorelai and Luke eat popcorn on the sofa while watching The Returned after dinner
  • Luke makes burgers at the Dragonfly
  • "The couple from New York at table six want to know if the meat in the hamburgers is Pat Lafrieda."
  • Rory and Lorelai eat Pop Tarts for breakfast
  • Emily Gilmore hosts a Daughters of the American Revolution meeting at home and serves Berta's maybe-crab puffs

Episode 4: Fall

  • Lorelai eats from a bag of freeze-dried meatballs alone in her motel room in California
  • "I brought a ham," says one of the women who are "doing Wild."
  • Lean Cuisines around the campfire
  • Lorelai flashes back to when she was a teenager and her father buys her a hot pretzel with mustard
  • A middle-of-the-night talk between Rory and Lorelai over Chinese take out leftovers, Red Vines, Pop Tarts, and ice cream at the kitchen table
  • Emily Gilmore eats a pastry at the DAR interview
  • Sookie returns and makes Lorelai 13 different wedding cake options at the Dragonfly Inn
  • "I can't believe you let Roy Choi in my kitchen! And what's that? That's Ina Garten! Is that not lime-tequila chicken? I've been gone for five minutes! What! That's sammies, sammies all around! If Rachael Ray reorganized my pantry, I'm gonna blow!"
  • Lorelai shares a Pop Tart with Rory at home the day before the wedding
  • Lorelai, Luke, and Rory split three pizzas the night before the wedding
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