The British hair metal band helped Elysian create a special brew to travel the country with them.
Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

It’s been over 22 years since Def Leppard last had a song land on the U.S. pop music charts. (For you trivia buffs, Wikipedia says it was 1995’s “When Love & Hate Collide.”) But though some might say that proves the band is nothing but a bunch of washed up rockers, here’s a way to look at the bright side: All of Def Leppard’s original fans are now of legal drinking age. Time to start selling beer!

Leading up to the Sheffield, England-based band’s American co-headlining tour with Journey that kicks off on May 21 in Hartford, Connecticut, Def Leppard has teamed up with the Seattle-based, Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brewery Elysian to create Def Leppard Pale, a 6-percent ABV, Northwest-hopped pale ale that featuring the flavors of Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook variety hops.

As for the results, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott kept the answer simple. “It tastes great – that's the most important thing I can tell you,” he told Billboard. In fact, Elliott said the band loves the brew so much, it’s become “the new normal to have it in the fridge.” He then proceeded to dial up one of the funniest defenses of drinking your own beer you’ll ever read: “We're not going to drink it just because we put our name on it,” he quipped. “I don't walk around wearing our f---ing t-shirt.”

Of course, some may wonder to what extent Def Leppard was actually involved in the brewing process. Though it doesn’t sound like the band was dumping hops into the kettle, Elliott said the project did involve plenty of emails, Skype calls and shipped samples, all of which led to changes in the final beer. “It's like a song – you can't rush it,” Elliott suggested.

Def Leppard Beer
Credit: Courtesy of Elysian Brewing

Meanwhile, for those looking to score a Def Leppard Pale, the beer—like the band—will be on tour with Journey. Though Def Leppard Pale will miss the opening Connecticut gig, it will debut at the second show of the tour on May 23 in Albany, New York, and will be available at most venues on their tour, as well as at some nearby bars and restaurants leading up to and after the show date.

And though the tour with Journey is slated to wrap up on October 7 in Los Angles, Elliott is hoping the beer might live on. “There's no cut off time on this,” Elliott was quoted as saying. “If it takes off and people like it, it can be around. Iron Maiden has a beer named Trooper and they've done really well with theirs. We have to see if we can match that.” As if Iron Maiden and Def Leppard fans didn’t already have enough to argue about!