By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 05, 2015
Credit: © Amy Erickson

People will throw back many a margarita this Cinco de Mayo—a survey from a few years ago said that 42 percent of all the drinks consumed on May 5 were margaritas. Considering the numbers, it seems foolish to make drastic changes to something as classic as a margarita, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying. Our favorite fryer of booze, Amy from Oh Bite It!, is deep-frying her margaritas this Cinco de Mayo. For those looking to sneak a little extra tequila into their evening, these could be just the thing.

And just as with deep-fried eggnog and Guinness, the crispy holiday cocktail is easy to make. Soak bite-size pieces of lemon cake in your margarita of choice, then crisp them up in some hot oil.

For the whole recipe, complete with pictures, head over to Oh Bite It. And if the idea of mixing 350° oil and tequila doesn’t seem prudent to you, there are plenty of other ways to get a drink—like taking it from the belly of a smashed piñata.