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Traditionally, February is a dumping ground for Hollywood—the movie industry does its best to unload all its crappiest flicks. But over the weekend, the critically well-received Deadpool broke that mold along with a number of box office records, including biggest February opening ever and biggest R-rated opening weekend ever.

However, if you came out of the long weekend still craving something, anything, Deadpool, the Philadelphia-based Mexican eatery Cantina Dos Segundos has been touting a special dish for superhero fanatics on their Instagram account: The Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga.

Of course, Deadpool is known for his proclivity towards fried burritos, so a Deadpool chimichanga seems like a natural fit. As for the choice of packing said chimi with poutine, according to Marvel, the character has Canadian citizenship and was born in an “unrevealed location in Canada.”

Does this mean that Cantina Dos Segundos has some insider information about Deadpool being from the French-speaking side of the country? Or did they just realize that a burrito filled with french fries and fried cheese curds—along with “braised short rib, black beans, bacon, pickled red onion and jalapeño”—would kick just as much ass as the superhero it’s named for?

Spoiler alert: I absolutely don’t care. I just want to try this chimichanga.