DC Comics most famous superheroes will soon face an unlikely foe.
milkman delivery to front porch
Credit: John E. Kelly / Getty Images

In our current pop culture epoch, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a comic book in your life—you’ve probably seen one of the Marvel Avengers movies (starring Robert Downey Jr. as a sassy Iron Man and two Chrises—Hemsworth and Evans—as the patriot with superpowers, Captain America, and the god-like Thor) or caught the trailer for upcoming Justice League movie, which features Batman and Wonder Woman teaming up to save the world. If you’re looking forward any of those movies—or the many sequels they will inevitably spawn—you might also be excited about this news: In a new DC comic book series under the Young Animals imprint (founded by the former singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way), the Justice League will face a new foe: the Milkman Man.

Yes, you read that right. The most accomplished, powerful superheroes in the world will face off with a milkman, in an upcoming series called Milk Wars. Not much is known about the new series of comics yet, the first of which will be released in January. What is known is that a team of DC superheroes who call themselves the Doom Patrol will team up with the better-known members of the Justice League to fight the Milkman Man.

So far, Way has been secretive about the plot of Milk Wars. According to Mashable, Way's co-author on the series, Steve Orlando, asked him to explain what the comics would be about in one sentence. Way texted him back, “Milk Wars in one sentence." One tidbit we do know is that the comics will feature a new character named Lucius Reynolds, a 14-year-old boy who loves heavy metal and possesses magical powers.

What kind of threat does a milkman pose? That much is still unclear. Whatever he’s up to in the world of the comics is probably a little more dangerous than missing his deliveries, though.