The chef, who will host a food and culture podcast with Bill Simmons, has a multimedia approach to food-world domination.

Somehow, David Chang has found the time to involve himself in yet another project. On the heels of announcing in March that he'd be launching a multimedia platform, the chef will officially host The David Chang Show, a food and culture podcast, on the Bill Simmons Media Group’s The Ringer Podcast Network.

According to a press release obtained by Eater, the new show kicks off on Thursday.

"The Ringer has demonstrated an ability to reach a key audience with compelling content, and is a great fit for Chang’s views on travel, food, culture, sports, and current affairs,” Dave O’Connor, president of Chang's Majordomo Media, said in the release.

Though the chef's Lucky Peach magazine folded in 2017, he has continued to actively pursue media projects, while still opening restaurants and seeming to be everywhere at once, including South Korea and our Netflix browser.

"Majordomo is a place for people to connect over the things I believe define culture: travel, food, music, sports, exploration,” Chang said in a written statement announcing Majordomo Media in March (which included his plans to do a podcast). “I don't want to tell people what to do or show them the new cool thing. Plenty of places do that. I want to teach them how to find—and understand—new and different things.”

To pregame the podcast's Thursday launch, consider binging Chang's other show, Ugly Delicious, on Netflix. We suspect his podcast will have a similar vibe, though not being able to see the delicious food he's eating makes the purely-audio platform somewhat less appealing to us.

As for Chang's other projects, his first L.A. restaurant, Majordomo, opened in January and is already one of the city's hardest reservations. We're not sure how he finds the time, but we hope he keeps finding it.