‘Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner’ will see the chef and a celebrity guest exploring different cities.

Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Alright, sure, Friends will be leaving Netflix at the end of the year, but even though you’ll be getting a lot less David Schwimmer, the good news is you’ll be getting twice the David Chang.

Following the success of his Netflix original series Ugly Delicious, the streaming platform has announced it will be launching a second David Chang show this fall called Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The new documentary series will be hosted by the James Beard Award-winning chef who will be “accompanied by a different celebrity guest exploring a single city, its culture, and its cuisine,” Netflix explains. “As the pair travels through each city, they will also uncover new and surprising things about themselves.” Ostensibly, this will happen over the course of multiple meals throughout the day — or at least that’s what the title would seem to imply.

“There's something about traveling with someone that opens you up,” Chang said in the announcement. “Being away from all the craziness of daily life, you spend long days together in an unfamiliar place with nothing to do but wander the street, share meals, and talk. That's what BLD is all about—learning more about ourselves, our friends, and the people we encounter out in the world. Plus, of course, the ridiculously delicious meals we share.”

Helping to beef up this second series’ credentials, Academy Award-winning documentary director Morgan Neville is also once again along for the ride. “BLD is a chance to take everything I’ve loved about working on Ugly Delicious — big conversations, great food, world travel — and put it together in one large smorgasbord,” he said. “It’s been great to take a moment to get deep while breaking bread.”

And speaking of Ugly Delicious, that show is also slated to return to Netflix for a second season at some point — though when isn’t entirely clear. For now, all its Netflix page states is “It’s official: another Season is coming. Elite chefs, writers and entertainers like Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Kroll and Ali Wong join Chang's culinary adventure.” If that wasn't enough David Chang-plus-celebrities TV for you, the chef will also be co-hosting a food-centric talk show with cookbook author and social media superstar Chrissy Teigen on Hulu.