Plus, all the other highlights from the Reddit AMA he did while riding in a race car. 
David Chang audi interview
Credit: Courtesy of Audi

Last week, David Chang indulged the Internet by taking part in another Reddit AMA. This wasn't just any AMA, however. He wasn't comfortably seated behind his computer—oh no. Chang answered Reddit’s questions while riding shotgun in an Audi sports car, racing down a track at more than a hundred miles per hour. He even got to drive the car at one point, all while ruminating on subjects ranging from Yelp to hard-boiled eggs (don't worry, he didn't text and drive; he gave all his answers out loud).

Here, we gathered up the juiciest, most revealing moments from the (literally) fast-paced interview. Find out his pick for the best hot sauce, how to make instant ramen taste gourmet, and many more of the chef’s prized culinary secrets below.

  • The food he would “erase” from the planet: Poke bowls.
  • How to improve instant ramen: “The simplest thing you can do to instant ramen to make it better is to add a poached egg. It is instant, cheap luxury.”
  • Chefs he admires: Wylie Dufresne, and Gabrielle Hamilton, who he calls “so much cooler than everyone.”
  • His favorite comfort food: “I think that in every household you should have some spaghetti and ground up Parmesan so you can make cacio e pepe. It’s the simplest thing and it’s delicious as you can get.”
  • How to make the perfect hard-boiled egg: “Look for an older egg. A two or three-week-old egg is going to be easier to peel. Then boil it in cold to hot water for eight to ten minutes…then peel it under water.”
  • His favorite guilty pleasure food: chicken tenders.
  • The best hot sauce, in his opinion: Crystal.
  • The most underrated herb, in his opinion: mint.
  • His favorite dish to make (that he would never sell in a restaurant): “I’m not a big fan of smoked salmon dishes because I think it’s overdone, but I eat it all the time.”
  • What he really thinks of Yelp: “It’s a democracy so people can have any opinion they want. It’s never fun to get criticized, but there is a lot of good information out there. So you just have to decide what to read. It’s a free world. You can do whatever you want.”
  • What he thinks of eating alone: “Food should be communal. I eat alone all the time, but breaking bread with friends—there’s something really great about that.”
  • What he would do if he wasn’t a chef: “I would make iron wrought gates.”
  • And finally, his go-to karaoke song: Don’t Stop Believing, by Journey.