Twix White and Twix Peanut Butter will also be returning to shelves. 
twix bars new flavors dark chocolate white chocolate and peanut butter
Credit: Courtesy of Mars Chocolate North America

If you think there’s no way to improve on a classic candy bar, you might be wrong: Twix is rolling out an all new flavor called Twix Dark. It’s the same concept as the original Twix: a layer of crunchy shortbread and caramel, this time encased in a thick coating of dark chocolate.

Two limited edition flavors will also be returning: Twix White is course made with white chocolate, and will also be back in stores this November. Meanwhile you’ll be able try another version which replaces the traditional caramel with a layer of peanut butter in September.

White chocolate may be making a comeback in 2017: Back in March, rumors swirled that M&Ms might make their white chocolate candies a permanent part of their line-up.

Candy makers are getting more and more creative with their products it seems: Earlier this summer, Trolli released a line of slushy flavored gummy worms, while Pixy Stix and Nerds paid homage to South American candy with a line of tropical flavors that included guava, tamarind, and mango chili.

And if you’re a junk food fan who never got try some seasonal treats like the Twix White and Twix Peanut Butter, you'll be happy to know that other companies are also bringing back some of their greatest hits: Krispy Kreme will re-release their key lime pie doughnuts, while Oreo will do the same for their Blueberry Pie cookies.

But 2017 has so far also had plenty of bad news for the candy industry, too: In May, a woman decided to sue Jelly Belly, claiming she didn’t realize jelly beans contain sugar. In fact, more and more people might be giving up candy altogether. As result of slumping sales, Nestle is considering selling its U.S. candy business. Part of the blame might be on the shoulders of CVS: They recently announced that they’ll start hiding the big bags of candy in the back of the store to encourage customers to buy healthier snacks.

But don’t worry, when the new Twix flavors do hit stores, you’ll be able to find them near the front of the store, under the registers, with the rest of the candy. These chocolate bars, thankfully, aren’t going anywhere.