Plus three more flavors rumored to be in the works for next year.
Dark Chocolate Oreo
Credit: Courtesy of OREO

2018 is rapidly coming to a close. And in a year where Oreo once again released more iterations of its signature sandwich cookie than we ever thought possible, it would only be fitting for us to go out with news of one final new Oreo flavor, right? Wrong. It would only be fitting for us to go out with news of four final new Oreo flavors!

Kicking off 2019 the way Oreo only knows how, on January 2, the cookie company will be dropping its next new flavor, Dark Chocolate Oreos. Arriving less than two weeks after the winter solstice — also known as the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere — the brand suggests that this Oreo iteration is intended “help fans embrace the darkness and add a dose of playful excitement to the shorter and colder days ahead,” according to Today. (Uh, technically, the shorter days will be behind us by then, Oreo, but I know you guys have to dedicate all your brain power to dreaming up new flavors, so I’ll let you slide.)

Dark Chocolate Oreos replace the typically vanilla crème filling with a smoother, less dense dark chocolate filling, while the flavor of the outer chocolate cookie itself will remain the same — a move that would seem to clearly pave the way for a “Double Dark Chocolate Oreo” somewhere down the road. (If you’re hiring, Oreo, call me.)

And speaking of down the road, if you think Oreo doesn’t already have other plans for 2019 up its sleeve, you clearly don’t know Oreo — because though news of Dark Chocolate Oreos comes straight from the brand, rumors are already swirling of three other unannounced Oreo flavors that may potentially be released next year. In the past five days, the Instagram account Candy Hunting, which has a solid track record of getting the scoop on new name-brand products, recently posted blurry images of three purported new varieties: Carrot Cake Oreos, Love Oreos, and Easter Egg Oreos.

“Carrot Cake Oreos will be out early next year, presumably in time for Easter,” Candy Hunting writes about the first possible iteration. “They have carrot cake flavored cookies and cream cheese flavored creme.”

Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown on Love Oreos and their pink creme: “New Oreos will be out for the Valentine's Day season (aka about 5 seconds after Christmas is over),” the account states. “The filling is described only as ‘sweet & tangy.’”

And lastly, Easter Egg Oreos are billed as the most boring of the bunch. “New Easter Egg Oreos will be out this spring!” Candy Hunting explains. “They're just purple colored creme with egg-shaped cookies. Not much to see here.” Yeah, I think we’ve seen plenty of new Oreos for one day!