The Trejo’s Taco truck will be giving away swag and tacos all weekend. 

By Andy Wang
Updated February 01, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Los Angeles Tourism

Beyond being a tough-guy Hollywood star and a prominent Los Angeles restaurateur, Danny “Machete” Trejo is a huge fan of the L.A. Rams. He’s told us more than once that he loves tailgating and wants his Trejo’s Tacos to be part of that experience, so he’s throwing the ultimate pro-Rams taco party in Atlanta for Super Bowl weekend. It makes so much sense: There’s no better way to celebrate Los Angeles than with some carne asada.

Trejo has teamed up with Los Angeles Tourism to bring a Trejo’s Taco truck to Atlanta, and he’ll be personally giving away Rams-themed tacos and swag. You can check Discover L.A.’s Instagram and Twitter to keep track of the truck. The menu includes the 99 taco, which has grilled steak and is named after defensive tackle Aaron Donald’s jersey number. There’s also a chicken taco inspired by running back Todd Gurley and a mushroom taco inspired by head coach Sean McVay.

Credit: Courtesy of Los Angeles Tourism

On Saturday, Trejo will be in front of No Mas! Cantina from noon to 2 p.m. and in front of the Elbow Room sports bar from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. One guest will get a “golden” taco and win airfare to L.A. and a three-night-stay in America’s greatest taco city.

Meanwhile, if you’re in L.A. this weekend, you can watch the big game while eating Rams-inspired donuts from Trejo’s Donuts & Coffee. Trejo previously supplied a Rams food truck with tacos and donuts, so his relationship with the team he adores runs deep. In fact, there's a bunch of great takeout food specials happening in L.A. for the big game. You can pre-order one of Moo's BBQ briskets for $150 and pick it up at Smorgasburg on Super Bowl Sunday (without enduring the typical hour-long wait for Moo's.)