The new pizzeria has been teasing their offerings on social media.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 08, 2017
martina pizzeria pizza pie
Credit: Courtesy of Liz Clayman

When Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group opens Martina later this month, customers are likely to overrun the new East Village fast casual pizza joint. Meyer’s full-service Roman-style pizzeria, Marta, has been extremely popular since opening a few years back, and as the Shake Shack baron has proven in the past, he can have a magic touch for offering quality food in a casual setting. But for patrons worried about the potential for long lines, this may alleviate your fears: The restaurant is working towards a goal of churning out a fresh pie on average every 40 seconds.

Yesterday, a post on chef Nick Anderer’s Instagram page showed a slew of Margherita pies (nine to be exact) with the caption, “Seasoning the ovens (and ourselves): we cooked 45 pizzas in one hour - 9 at a time. Hoping to double those numbers by mid week.” Not that you can’t crunch the numbers yourself, but 45 pizzas per hour is an already impressive 80 seconds between pies. Doubling that speed to 90 pizzas in an hour would mean that Margheritas would be hitting the counter in less than a minute at a time.

As we discussed last month, USHG has been pushing the Roman theme as of late. Meyer and Anderer already have the Roman-style trattoria Maialino and the Roman-style pizzeria Marta. Martina should open later this month making it a Roman trio. But meanwhile, Meyer is also planning to turn the area around Marta into a Roman-esque “piazza” featuring an Italian-style coffee bar, Caffe Marchio, on one side and a Roman-themed wine bar, Vini e Fritti, on the other.

Still, Martina is probably his current project of most consequence, if only because the 13-table eatery might signal Meyer’s next big play into the franchised restaurant world. “The company has not yet said whether it plans to replicate Martina as a fast-casual restaurant the way Meyer did with Shake Shack, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise,” Eater NY writes. “In addition to high volume production, the restaurant will have other signifiers of fast-casual places, like the use of buzzers for picking up orders.” Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see combination Shake Shack-Martinas just like we see Taco Bell-KFCs.