The restaurateur will add a coffee shop and a wine bar next door to Marta

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 14, 2019
danny meyer
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

You’d think being worth nine figures might qualify Danny Meyer for a break, but the restauranteur behind the Union Square Hospitality Group and the continually expanding Shake Shack burger chain apparently has more ambitious plans: bring a slice of Roman city life to Manhattan.

After already helming Maialino, a Roman-style trattoria opened in 2009, and Marta, a Roman-style pizzeria opened in 2014, Meyer now plans to take the latter and blow it out into a bit of a Roman wonderland – or “piazza” as he called it – by turning Marta’s neighboring storefronts into a Roman-style coffee bar and a Roman-style wine bar. New Yorkers if you were planning a trip to Rome, you might want to rethink it: Rome is coming to you.

The coffee bar, Caffe Marchio, should be the first to open next month. It plans to eschew other coffee bar trends to stay close to its Roman roots, serving only one coffee blend, a Roman-style robusta, as well as a few other Italian coffeehouse specialties like coffee granite and a cold espresso drink known as a shakerato. The café will also serve some light food, pastries from Marta pastry chef Jessica Weiss and sandwiches, but won’t offer any seating, instead aiming to be a stand-up coffee bar like many places in… yup… Rome.

The wine bar, Vini e Fritti, is slated to follow in September with a focus on sparklers and aperitivos, as well as Roman fried snacks like squash blossoms, zucchini sticks, seafood and fritto misto. The space will offer high tables, counters and a 15-seat bar.

All three eateries will be housed in the Redbury New York hotel with individual entrances out onto 30th Street. However, they’ll also be connected inside by a corridor within the hotel, giving it a unified feel. “I see this like a Roman piazza,” Meyer told the New York Times. “You have the coffee, the pizza, the wine bar.” Um, what about the gelato, Meyer?? Let’s get on that… velocemente!