You will want to watch this.
Danny DeVito
Credit: Courtesy of Mars Wrigley Confectionery

After a career spanning nearly five decades, Danny DeVito has found his most unusual role yet: Red, the red M&M. Yes, for this year's Super Bowl LII commercial, M&M's is pulling out all the stops, and of said stops is the surprisingly perfect casting of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star as Red's human form. Don't believe it? As of today, you can watch the whole thing and find out for yourself.

In the ad, Red complains to Ms. Brown (the brown M&M) that he's already had three people try to eat him on that day alone, and that sometimes wishes he was human to avoid people's hungry stares. When Red finds a lucky penny, it grants his wish, turning him into none other than Danny DeVito, wearing a red "m" shirt and shorts. To test his new form, Red/DeVito (RedVito?) runs around the busy city streets asking people if they want to eat him—one of whom happens to be singer/actor/YouTuber/RuPaul's Drag Race judge Todrick Hall. And fortunately for him, they don't.

Of course, things don't go totally fine, but no spoilers. What's important to know is that the newly unveiled commercial answers at least some the questions raised by the truly weird Super Bowl ad teaser M&M's released last week. In that one, DeVito lies in a giant pool of chocolate (also in a red "m" shirt), moving in increasingly strange ways as a crew member looks on.

Having seen the commercial now, it's clear that what was actually happening was some sort of Daniel Day-Lewis-esque immersion into the role of a living, breathing M&M by the actor, which has really paid off. Currently, the animated Red is played by Billy West (whose many voice acting roles include Futurama's Fry and Zapp Brannigan and Ren & Stimpy 's titualr characters), but given how great DeVito is in this version, maybe they should share the role? Either way, if this whets your appetite, make sure to keep checking Food & Wine's ongoing roundup of every Super Bowl ad for food you can watch.