Humm went on The Tonight Show to talk about his new cookbook, Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated October 30, 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

After Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week to attempt to read a Yelp review in a Brooklyn accent (you’ll have to see it to believe it), late night comedy has graced us with another funny food moment—Daniel Humm and Jimmy Fallon battling it out in a cooking competition. Humm appeared on The Tonight Show last night in order to promote his latest cookbook, Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter, which launched in the U.S. on October 15. He told Fallon the book was very personal, something that shares a lot of his stories (along with recipes, of course); he also talked about his upcoming restaurant opening at Claridge’s in London.

“You know, I worked at Claridge’s in London 25 years ago as a prep cook, and today, it’s kind of like a full circle, pinch yourself moment,” he said.

Then, it was time to pivot to the main event—a face-off between Humm and Fallon in the “Ultimate Minute Meal” challenge, where they had just one minute to grab ingredients and prepare a quick meal for Questlove, who served as the judge. Donning large, puffy chef hats/helmets, the two hopped on motorized cooler scooters (which are exactly what they sound like) and raced around the studio to quickly grab supplies. Along the way, they had to make their way past obstacles including a toilet paper pyramid, “distracted shopper,” and enthusiastic employee of the month dressed in a panda suit. The race was funny on its own, but Humm giggling the entire time was really the pièce de résistance.

They rolled up to the chef stations with about 25 seconds to spare. Fallon spread peanut butter on a rice cake and topped it with chocolate and marshmallows, whipping out a blowtorch to toast the marshmallows just as time ran out. Humm, on the other hand, simply added peanuts to a bottle of Coca-Cola.

“Dude, I’m going to take away your Michelin star for this,” Fallon joked.

Questlove then removed his blindfold to try the snacks (it should be noted that Humm was still giggling). He said “okay” to Humm’s combination (a known pairing, it should be noted), which the chef tried to sell as sweet and salty. When he bit into the snack Fallon made, he expressed dismay at the rice cake. Ultimately, Questlove went with Humm’s drink, since he said it was something his uncles used to drink. It just goes to show that even with less than a minute to work, a Michelin-starred chef is a formidable opponent.

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