‘Green Eggs and Dan’ takes a laid back approach to combining food and comedy.
Credit: Robyn Von Swank

“Fridges are the real windows to the soul,” comedian Dan Ahdoot says in an introduction to his new podcast Green Eggs and Dan. As that downright silly name implies, this podcast doesn’t take itself too seriously, instead opting to look at the world of entertainers through a humorous food lens and the world of food through the humorous lens of entertainers. The tag line is “Food-ish, not food-ie.”

Following this simple approach, one of the ways Ahdoot — whose many TV credits include The Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing — keeps things light is by asking all of his guests to bring in a photo of the inside of their refrigerator to kick off conversations. If you’ve ever wondered what groceries (or leftovers) Hasan Minhaj or Iliza Shlesinger or Scott Aukerman keep around the house, this podcast — which debuts on August 7 — is your chance.

Ahdoot says he’s learned a lot from his fridge experiment. “First of all, marriage seems to be the great divider. If you’re married you have a neat fridge, if you’re single, your fridge looks like it barely survived the apocalypse, and Cormac McCarthy is going to write a book about it,” he tells me via email. “Also, fame has NOTHING to do with the quality of ingredients in your fridge. Hasan Minhaj, probably our most famous guest, has a fridge full of Guy Fieri salsa. I mean, what’s the point of making it if GUY FIERI SALSA IS WHAT AWAITS YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!?!?”

So speaking of people who have made it (podcast!), what’s Ahdoot have in his own fridge? “I have a lot of very random amazing expensive ingredients but it seems they can never be made into something. Right now I have white anchovies, single origin miso paste, black tahini, and house made pickled fennel. It’s like an episode of Iron Chef where nobody wins,” he quips.

And yet, despite all the joking around, the podcast isn’t devoid of food cred. Ahdoot actually interned as a chef at The Spotted Pig in New York City and is part owner of another restaurant in the city, Estela. The show also features the occasional bona fide foodie guest like Chef Ignacio Mattos. In general, Ahdoot says food and comedy don’t have a ton in common “which is what I’m trying to change.”

So essentially, if you like your food podcasts in a “casual dining” format, Green Eggs and Dan may be up your alley. The show comes courtesy of The Podglomerate, and you can subscribe now to listen to new episodes when it’s released on August 7 from places like Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.