Your wallet -- and deserving children in your community -- will thank you.
dairy queen free cone day
Credit: ©  Bloomberg / Getty Images

Two things that make us feel good: ice cream, and helping others. So when we heard that Dairy Queen will be giving away free scoops all day on March 20 — and that the entire event is intended to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals —we were pretty delighted.

Yup, you can indulge in ice cream and still feel good about yourself in the process. Talk about a sweet deal.

At the national ice cream chain’s third annual free cone day this Monday, you’ll be encouraged to donate a few dollars to the hospital network, which provides 32 million treatments yearly to children across the United States and Canada. Your donations will stay within your community and go directly to local hospitals in the network, which makes the whole experience that much more gratifying.

Better yet, local branches will be allowed to decide how to best use the donated funds. That means they'll be able to really make your dollars count, from purchasing new equipment to supporting research efforts to paying for the care of a deserving, disadvantaged child.

No customer will be required to give money, of course, but based on the fundraising success of past years, it looks like many will. Last year, Dairy Queens across the country raised over $200,000 — and even that figure pales in comparison to the whopping $120 million the chain has raised for the charity over the past 32 years.

Frankly, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first day of spring. Here’s to free scoops for all...and hopefully a little sunshine, too.