Credit: Courtesy of Niantic, Inc.

In the blink of an eye Pokémon GO has taken over the country, and that includes our favorite area comfort food locales.

A feature of this new augmented reality app allows people to chase digital Pokémon through all sorts of real-life locations. This may be your local gym, your office, even the subway. Some businesses love this because it is leading lots of people who would not normally be there through their doors. Others, like Dairy Queen, are seemingly not that amused.

Dairy Queens are posting signs stating that a purchase is required if you are searching for that elusive Pikachu. The Reddit user did not say which Dairy Queen location instituted the ban, but both the popularity of Dairy Queen as a Pokémon GO stop and their reluctance to be used in this way, seems to be the real deal.

While it makes sense for a restaurant to be a fan of the game – maybe while on your PokeStop, you may buy a snack! – but there’s probably a lot of people stopping by to play the game and buying nothing at all, and that can be rather annoying

Try to remember that Pokémon is a game, and these people are trying to run a business. Catch all those digital creatures your nerdy heart desires, but maybe buy a beverage if you are going to do it inside someone’s restaurant. Sounds fair.