The pharmacy chain is moving their candy to the back of the store as part of an effort to become the healthiest drugstore.

By Elisabeth Sherman
June 29, 2017
 jetcityimage / Getty Images

In their ongoing effort to become the healthiest drugstore, CVS has decided to move its candy to the back of the store, making it just a little bit harder for shoppers with a sweet tooth to indulge in sugary snacks.

The Wall Street Journal reports that CVS stores will start testing out a new layout in which candy and cookies are being moved to the middle and back of the store. Pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit will replace those unhealthy foods in the front of the store.

But don't worry: you’ll still probably be able to find those “impulse buys” such as small bags of candy, chocolate bars, and gum at the register.

“We are giving more healthy-choice options and making sure the customer can find them,” the chief merchant at CVS told the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, Walgreens has decided to take a different tact: It is implementing a “customer’s choice” policy in their stores.

“How do you still give customers the choice and not tell them what is good for them, but help them make healthier choices?” a Walgreens official told the Wall Street Journal. “There’s a level of making things available so it’s the customer’s choice, and there’s a level of incentivizing the customer.”

As Consumerist points out, in 2014, CVS dropped all tobacco products from its stores, and will soon stop selling tanning oil and sunscreens with less than 15 SPF. Following a nationwide trend, the chain will also be banning foods that contain trans fats from their stores.

Yes, you’ll still be able to find junk food in CVS. But their new strategy shows that it's hoping you’ll be tempted to buy a comparatively healthier snack. We’ll just have to wait and see what this means for CVS sales, but after the aforementioned tobacco ban the chain's sales did drop. The company said they made up for it by releasing report claiming that the move improved public health. Perhaps – and maybe this is optimistic – that’s all CVS hoping for this time around: healthier customers.