By Clara Olshansky
Updated December 05, 2016
Credit: © The Frankfurter Brett

Even the Swiss Army would be totally jealous of this cutting board. It has all kinds of collapsible and retractable compartments: a waste and chopped food section, so you can immediately discard any trimmings, a storage area for any food waiting to be chopped, and a rack for propping up your recipes, whether they're in a book or on a tablet. You can check the cutting board's other features out at its Kickstarter page.

This incredible piece of kitchen paraphernalia was created by Johannes Schreiter, a professional chef and Joseph Schreiter, a product designer. It's kind of a sequel to their previous design, the Frankfurter Brett, which they called "The First Kitchen Workbench". It was basically the same thing, but a lot bigger, so pretty unwieldy for home use. This model, the Frankfurter Brett Basic, is way more kitchen-friendly.

Right now, the Frankfurter Brett Basic has exceeded its funding goal, earning two and a half times what they asked. You can preorder a basic beech wood version now for €119 (about $125) to arrive in March of 2017. That's €40 less than it's going to cost when the product goes live. From there, the prices go up depending on what kind of wood you want, with the highest price at €209 (about $220) for a walnut cutting board. When you pledge, you can also pay a little more for accessories and get wood oil, a tablet stand, and various lids for the board's containers.