Silverware-themed game Locklery is available through a Kickstarter campaign.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated August 02, 2017
Courtesy of Fusion Mars

If you’ve ever wanted more from your silverware than a tool to get food to your face, a new cutlery set—dubbed Locklery—may just pique your interest. Developed in Hong Kong, the matte black and gold forks, knives, and spoons fit together in a decorative puzzle, then pull apart when you want to eat, according to the cutlery’s Kickstarter campaign, which seeks funding so that it can be mass produced and shipped to customers in the United States.

Locklery was created by Fusion Mars to mimic an ancient Chinese puzzle, the Kongming Lock. According to the Kickstarter page, the lock was made from six concave and convex wooden rods, “easy to take apart and difficult to reassemble.” With six pieces of silverware, Locklery repeats the design, interlocking two knives with two forks and two spoons. (You can watch a video of people disassembling and reassembling the Locklery set here.)

Locklery cofounder Andy Wan said in a press release that he was inspired to create the sets after receiving his own Kongming Lock as a child. “When I was little, I got a toy from my carpenter father—a Kongming Lock,” Wan said. “It always fascinated me and I as I grew up, I thought about fusing this beautiful Chinese culture classic with a Western element.”

According to the campaign, Locklery is made from “quality stainless steel and FDA-grade materials,” and boasts an eco-friendly element, too, “using sustainable polymers like polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber,” two materials fairly easy to recycle and reuse.

To snag your own set, you’d have to donate a minimum of $39 to the Kickstarter, which will reserve you one set that would be expected to ship by February 2018, according to the site. Locklery has a goal to raise about $30,000 in the next five weeks. As of today, Locklery has raised a little more than $400 toward its goal.

Once you do receive your Locklery, if you end up getting stuck or giving up on the puzzle portion of the utensils, here are a few finger foods to eat in the meantime.