Lavender looks to be everywhere this spring--and not just in the fields. It's in the lavender honey from New Mexico's Barrios Farm, on the grilled chicken at New York's Pitchoune and even in a lavender sugar body scrub made by Burt's Bees of North Carolina. It's also the starring herb of the beautiful new book The Lavender Garden by gourmet gardener Robert Kourik ($18.95; Chronicle).

Ancient Greek

The herbs in Hellas's Ancient Nectars of the Gods teas are hand collected on the mountains of Greece, which accounts for their intense aromas and flavors ($6 for 1.2 ounces; 800-274-1233).

Editor's Pick

Food editor Kate Krader is crazy about the very fresh fish at Mama's Fish House on Maui--and the locals love it too (808-579-8488).

chick chic

Easter egg-shaped and colored, the marzipan confections from Bella Dulce make an easy transition from egg carton to Easter basket ($20 for 8 eggs; 212-564-0780)