By Joey Skladany
Updated July 27, 2016
Waiting Line for Cronut
Credit: © Andrew Burton / Getty Images

How far would you go for a Cronut? Waiting in a long line? Paying black market prices? Ignoring a dead guy? If the last option sounds too outrageous, try telling that to the dozens of queued customers who put their sugar craving before a slouched corpse on a nearby park bench.

“I didn’t see anyone leave the line,” Chinatown resident Molly Young told the NY Post. “It didn’t put a dent in anyone’s appetite.”

The incident went down last Friday when a customer reported the motionless body to a Dominique Ansel Bakery employee. The employee called 911 and after police arrived they discovered it was the store’s neighbor, Andrew Lang, who was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. The death did not appear suspicious.

In defense of those in line, Lang may not have looked like he was dead (sleeping, perhaps?), but it’s their behavior after he was carted away that warrants our “what the hell has this world come to?” reaction.

Alex, a woman visiting from Indiana, didn’t think twice about giving up her spot. “I just heard that they’re so good,” she told CBS News. “Might as well just wait.”

Sigh. We now live in a world where in a battle of stomach pangs vs. concern and sympathy, hunger reigns supreme. Was each bite worth it, Alex from Indiana? We hope so.