You Can Order Customized Peeps for Delivery This Spring

Create your perfect Peeps with three different kinds of chocolate dip and a half-dozen different toppings.

Photo: Courtesy of PEEPS

Sure, there are a ton of generic Easter candy options to fill your basket with, but do any of them feel like you? Apparently, the people at Peeps have decided that their iconic marshmallow chicks should be a bit more personal.

Just Born Quality Confections, the Pennsylvania-based candy company behind Peeps, Hot Tamales, and Mike and Ike, has recently launched MyPeeps, which allows customers to create their own Peeps chicks to reflect their own favorite flavor combos.

Through MyPeeps, 'mallow-lovers start by choosing the color for their Peeps — blue, pink, or yellow — before deciding whether to have each chick dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate. The final (and perhaps toughest) decision is picking what to top the chocolate with: the options include chocolate chips, confetti sprinkles, crushed pretzels, crushed cookies, non pareil sprinkles, or toasted coconut. After completing your order, your personalized Peeps will be dipped, dunked, boxed, and shipped straight to your door.

"Year after year, we've seen our fans take classic Peeps Chicks to the next level by adding their own dips and toppings, which sparked the idea to create a convenient new way for fans to enjoy our Marshmallow candies exactly to their liking," Caitlin Servian, a Peeps brand manager said in a statement. "With so many tasty and colorful combinations to choose from, Peeps fanatics can gift themselves — or a fellow Peeps lover — with the ultimate Peeps treat this Spring."

Courtesy of PEEPS

The made-to-order MyPeeps will be available while supplies list, and retail for $29.95 (plus shipping) for two six-count boxes. In addition to MyPeeps, the Peeps and Company online store also has a wide range of Peeps flavors, including chocolate pudding, cotton candy, fruit punch, Hot Tamales, party cake, sparkly wild berry, and sour watermelon. There are also Peeps jelly beans and Peeps lollipop rings, and if you're really into beady-eyed brand crossovers, you can pick up an entire case — 360 chicks-worth — of the Donut Shop coffee-flavored Peeps.

Although the squishy chicks have been a spring staple for over seven decades, in more recent years, Peeps collabs have been popping up all over the place. Last March saw the debut of a limited-edition Peeps x Pepsi flavor, which came in a bright yellow can, and the arrival of Peeps lattes at 7-Eleven stores. There have also been Peeps cereal, Peeps Oreos, and Peeps-flavored Italian Ice — in addition to some not-entirely-official Peeps-inspired IPAs.

It's a Peeps-filled world, baby. We're just living in it.

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