By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 02, 2015
© JOE CICAK / Getty Images

Sick of dining alone? A Japanese curry brand not only understands your plight, they’ve also come up with a solution: a curry that comes packaged with a girlfriend – albeit in DVD form.

The appropriately named Men’s Delusion Curry is an instant curry served with a side of 27-year-old model Mao Harada, who appears in a DVD that comes with the meal. According to RocketNews24, lonely men can choose to see Harada acting out one of three different roles on video, either “The Younger Girlfriend,” “The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risqué” or “Haradan Made a Home-Cooked Meal.” Frankly, the last one sounds the most delusional of them all: You just microwaved an instant curry. It’s one thing to fantasize about having a girlfriend, but let’s not drag meal preparation into this web of lies.

Apparently, getting a fake video girlfriend with your instant curry comes at a premium. Men’s Delusion Curry costs a relatively pricey $13. Though, truth be told, that’s a lot cheaper than it would cost to take an actual girlfriend out to an actual meal. Maybe these delusional guys are on to something.

By the way, the curry comes in “orange flavor,” which RocketNews points out isn’t a common style in Japan—opening up the possibility that this whole thing may be the greatest marketing campaign ever by someone who is looking to get rid of a bunch of unwanted instant curries.