Amy Farges shares her passion for no-fuss cooking and luxe ingredients with her husband, Thierry

M y husband, Thierry, and I met in New York City at a pizza place called Flamingo--he was busing tables and I was trying to land the marketing account. Before long he was ringing my doorbell every night at dinnertime--and my roommate and I knew there'd be three for dinner. Now, after working together all day at our mushroom business, Aux Delices des Bois in Manhattan, we grab a sackful of chanterelles or shiitakes--and hope for inspiration before we hit the stove.

This easy, elegant Valentine dinner for two is a typical menu. Since Thierry makes a killer vinaigrette but ruins rice, you can pretty much figure out who does what here.

Amy Farges is writing a wild mushroom cookbook (to be published by Workman).