This extravagant item is modeled after ancient Japanese pottery.
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cup noodle national treasure
Credit: Courtesy of Nissin Foods

Have you ever been making instant ramen, looked down at your cup, and thought something like "if only this cup was instead a faithful recreation of the Kaengata Doki pottery found during Japan'sMiddle Jomon period around 3,000 BCE?" Well, for once, you may be in luck. Commemorating the 120th anniversary of Japan's Kokuho system of art and architecture preservation, Cup Noodle parent company Nissin has released the Jomon Doki Doki Cooker, a noodle cup modeled after ancient Japanese pottery, which, if it were a movie, Netflix would describe as "visually arresting."

Made in tandem with Waraku magazine and pottery workshop Seto Hongyo Gama, according to SoraNews24, the earthenware vessel is meant to signify the dawn of civilization in Japan, which was fueled in part by the cooking that was enabled by the invention of Jomon pottery. They probably weren't cooking instant noodles back then, but Jomon Doki Doki Cooker is actually a simple cup with a lid, into which you can pour your cup ramen and hot water, cover for three minutes to cook, and eat out of, with a lid that doubles as a chopstick holder.

To be one of the 15 total people who get to buy this extremely limited run of Jomon Doki Doki Cooker, cup noodles may be the only thing you'll be able to afford for awhile, as it'll cost you 59,800 yen, or about $524. Or you can sign up for the Jomon Doki Doki class at the Cup Ramen Museum in Yokohama, Japan and learn to craft your own.

Those who can neither afford the Jomon Doki Doki Cooker price tag nor make it out to Japan to make one, don't despair. Here's the other two most visually distinct Ramen bowls out there, and they're a bit more affordable.

Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl

The design of this bowl may actually be more ancient than the Jomon Doki Doki Cooke, depending on if you believe in the unicorn or not. Either way, it splits into two whole bowls, to enable maximum sharing

unicorn ramen bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl, $28 on

JapanBargain Smiling Cat Bowl

cat bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Look, there's not much to explain here. Let this delightful cat watch over your meal. Enough said.

JapanBargain Smiling Cat Bowl, $11 on