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In many ways, Surge’s biggest claim to fame has been its ability to maintain a cult following despite being discontinued. It was never incredibly popular, thus explaining why Coca-Cola stopped making it back in 2003. And it was far from original, invented essentially as a Mountain Dew rip-off (though you can place me firmly in the “Surge tastes better” camp). So now that Surge is back, the soda brand may be faced with its biggest challenge ever: Will people continue to yearn for Surge if they’re actually able to easily buy it?

Thanks to over a decade of groundswell, primarily on social media like Facebook, Surge fans convinced Coca-Cola to rerelease the citrus soda last year—allowing people to buy cases of the beverage exclusively through Amazon. When the initial batch sold out in under 90 minutes, Coca-Cola must have realized they had a potential winner on their hands and began test marketing the soda on actual store shelves.

Well, Surge must have continued to sell, because yesterday, the brand announced that Surge lovers would be able to find their favorite soda in 24 different states throughout much of the South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. (The Northeast and much of the western half of the U.S. are still Surge-less.)

Apparently, this is not a test. Surge is really back—marking the first time Coca-Cola has relaunched a discontinued brand in its 129-year history. The original Surge lasted for a mere six (or so) years of that history. It’ll be interesting to see if it can do better its second time around.

Worst-case scenario, if Surge is once again given the boot, maybe Coca-Cola will try for a second time to replace it with delicious Vault. Now that was a soda!