30 claimed to experience cuts in their mouths or tooth injuries as a result.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: James Baigrie

After reports of food processor blades cracking and shedding small, metal pieces, Conair has recalled 8 million Cuisinart products dating back to 1996.

In a release published by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the popular appliance company stated the reasoning behind the voluntary recall was an unlikely but potentially dangerous health hazard. "The food processor's riveted blade can crack over time and small, metal pieces of the blade can break off into the processed food. This poses a laceration hazard to customers," the release states.

The large-scale recall, which includes over 8 million processors sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, extends to units sold over the span of July 1996 to December 2015 from various stores and websites nationwide.

The company was alerted to the laceration risk after receiving 69 reports of consumers finding pieces of the broken blades in their food. Of those reports, 30 claimed to experience cuts in their mouths or tooth injuries as a result.

According to Conair's release, the hazard in question is a riveted blade that can be identified as being stainless steel with a beige plastic center. The company also points out that the cracking concern only impacts food processors with four rivets in the blades. Those who own such a blade are advised to stop using their machines immediately and contact Cusinart for a free replacement.

To participate in or learn more about the voluntary recall, Cuisinart owners can visit the product recalls section of the company's website, or call toll-free at 877-339-2534.