Cuisinart’s 14-Cup Coffeemaker is a cult favorite.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated August 09, 2019

Coffee first thing in the morning is great. But you want to know what’s even better? A hot, fresh pot ready and waiting for you before your alarm even goes off. That, my friends, is the power of a programmable coffee maker.

And if you, too, dream of coffee that’s ready before you are, you’re in luck: Cuisinart’s popular programmable coffee maker is a deeply discounted 61 percent off on Amazon right now.


To buy: $73 (originally $185);

Designed with cutting-edge coffee technology, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Drip Coffeemaker is fully automatic, giving you the power to set a brew-time up to 24 hours in advance. It also features a permanent coffee filter, the option between brewing regular and bold flavor profiles, and an auto-pause function that lets you enjoy a cup before completing a brew cycle. The machine also keeps your coffee warm for up to four hours with its auto shutoff function.

It’s one of Amazon’s most popular coffee machines, with nearly 3,500 perfect five-star ratings. Reviewers describe how much they love the 14-cup capacity, as well as how easy it is to use and clean.

“The first morning with this one was a real eye opener,” writes a user. “This one makes hot coffee and good coffee! This is spectacularly better coffee than we were drinking even though it's the same coffee beans and water we have used for years.”

Another adds, “The Cuisinart can run rings around my former coffeemaker. I have not been back to 7-11 for coffee in over a month...they have even taken to sending me emails because they miss me! The coffee is flavorful, hot, and with a 14-cup capacity, a great friend in the morning. I was skeptical, but the Cuisinart has changed my mind to what a good cup of coffee really tastes like.”

And most of all, customers love that power to program a pot before they wake up: “This coffee pot is perfect,” says a reviewer. “We make it up at night and have it programmed to come on about an hour before we get up...then wake up to the smell of coffee without having to wait.”

While the 14-Cup Cuisinart PerfecTemp Drip Coffeemaker usually retails for $185, right now you can get it for just $73. But we don’t know how long this deal will last — add it to your Amazon cart now so you can rise and grind without, you know, grinding.